Research group on semiconductor devices

Recognized as Excellence Group (GR270) by the Junta de Castilla y León

The research activity of the group is focused on the modeling, simulation and electrical characterization of semiconductor materials and high-frequency micro- and nano-electronic devices. A significant effort in the field of advanced heterojunction devices is currently being developed; in particular, successful results have been obtained in the analysis of the static, dynamic and noise behaviour of ultrashort gate-length InGaAs/AlInAs, InAs/GaSb and GaN/AlGaN diodes and transistors. The final aim of our research activity is the development of design rules for the fabrication of optimized devices with improved technologies.

To complement the modeling activities, in the last four years the group has set up an electrical characterization laboratory with all necessary facilities to fully characterize RF electronic devices, including DC, pulsed, RF and noise measurements. The laboratory has been recently moved to the I+D+i building of the University of Salamanca (Laboratorio de Dispositivos de RF).
The results in these fields are regularly published and presented in top-level scientific journals and international conferences (see summary below).

The activity of the group is regularly funded by means of European, national and regional projects, as well as contracts with companies and public institutions. The combination of modelling and experimental characterization of nanodevices (enhanced by the allocation of the new laboratory in the I+D+i building) is an optimum combination to improve the probability of success in the participation of the group in proposals for international calls.