¿Que ofrecemos en procesado?

  2. Nanolithography and SEM Microscopy: Sigma Zeiss Raith Elphy plus, Resolución < 2nm
  3. Deep UV Lithography: MJB4 –Karl Suss mask aligner, Resol  500 nm
  4. Spin Coating: LabSpin6 Karl Suss, Max speed: 6000 rpm
  5. E-Beam Metal thin-film Evaporator:
    • materials: Au, Ti, Al, etc
    • High Vacuum: 10^{­‐10} mbar
    • Low Deposition rate <0,1 nm/nm/s
    • Resolution: 1 nm
  6. Rapid Thermal Process (RTP)
    • AS-ONE, Up to 1500 0C, Max ramp 200 ºC/s, High vacuum, air, O2,N2, He, Ar…
  7. Optical Microscope
    • Leica DM8000
    • Objectives: 5x,10x,20x,50x,100x
    • Resolution 1 micron
  8. Stylus Profiler:
    • Dektak XT Brucker
    • Line profile and 3D topographical maps, Resolution < 1nm
  9. O2 Plasma Cleaner
    • Harrick Plasma
    • Graphene and carbon nanomaterials
    • Etching and wafer cleanning
  10. Critical point Dryer
    • Leica EM CPD030
  11. Chemical cabinet
    • Wet etching process with different acids: HF, HCl, H2SO4,BOE etc.
    • Equipped with: Milli-­‐Q for ultrapure water (Type 1, ISO 3696)
    • Hot plate with magnetic stirrer Microbalance and Ultrasonic bath
  12. Reactive Ion Etching/Induced Coupled Plasma (RIE/ICP)
    • PlasmaPro System 100/1 Cobra 300 Oxford Instruments
    • Dry etching of many materials (semiconductors, metals, dielectrics)
    • Gas lines (Cl2, BCl3, Ar, He, N2, SF6, C4F8, O2, CH4, H2)
    • Cyro-etching Aspect ratio > 100 at 10 nm scale.
  13. Micro Diamond Scriber MR-100
  14. Semi­ Automatic Wire Bonder
    • TPT HB10: Top wire bonding of micro a nano electronic devices.
  15. Langmuir-Blodgett (KSV2000 System 2)
    • To Fabricate and characterize monomolecular films with precise control of lateral packing density
  16. Brewster Angle Microscopy (Optrel BAM 3000)
    • Visualization of Langmuir monolayers or adsorbate films at the air-water interface
  17. Kelvin probe (KSV SPOT1)
    • It allows determining Composition, Dissociation degree, Orientation and Interaction in Langmuir monolayers
  18. Quartz CrystalMicrobalance (Q-sense E1)
    • Mass changes and interactions occurring at surfaces.
    • Surface rheology of surface bound materials.